What is your favorite crystal?

What crystals/stones have you been working with recently? I've been really into amethyst! it has been super soothing and really comforting to me lately, I wear it as a cluster on a gold pendant. I'm all about opening up the third eye and crown chakra.

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  • Always wearing my kyanite necklace. Helps with the throat chakra/communication... And I always have a hard time expressing myself the way I want to. Also, rose Quartz is by far one of the most powerful crystals I've ever worked with. Very potent stuff.
  • Been rolling with some selenite, howlite, and amethyst - with my business, I get sorta stressed out and need lots of good energy around me to keep me cool as a cucumber!
  • i have been working with citrine heavily lately. it's a mood booster and i love that it keeps me in a happy, bright mood which is particularly important for me this time of year. it helps with SADS and depression that runs rampant during the dark winter months. citrine is also my good luck charm and always attracts abundance. i keep some in my wallet and a have piece that i give to friends as a talisman when they need some luck or positive energy. i also like it when im doing sacral chakra work.

    i also keep black tourmy on deck cuz i dont play any games lol.
  • I always wear a ruby and a peridot. I have been carrying around a lapis lazuli and a citrine crystal.
  • I usually keep some rose quartz, fluorite, and turquoise on me. Plus, I'm loving this piece of moldavite my friend gave me. I didn't think much of it, but that crystal packs a punch and it's great for your heart chakra.
  • I also have a strong connection to Amethyst, I have a Copper wrapped Amethyst ring that I wear a lot. I think my all time favorite gemstone that i never leave home without is Labradorite... I also keep Black Tourmaline and Green Calcite in my car as an anti road rage remedy, the Black Tourmaline absorbs the negativity of rude drivers/traffic and the Green Calcite keeps my heart open and compassionate.
  • Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Turquoise! I keep all 3 in my car. Lately, I've been all about my blue aventurine.
  • I'm about to become a first time crystal user, and I'm going to start off with quartz. I get a good vibe about it.
  • I always carry a Quartz point with me, and lately I've been into all the healing loving stones, amethyst, rose quartz, and sugilite
  • I definitely want to make my quartz my everyday-carry crystal, lol.
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