Remedies for Allergies?

Hi sisters! I recently adopted cats and in addition to being the loves of my life, they’ve been increasing my psychic abilities tremendously. HOWEVER I think I’m allergic to them... I can’t decide if I should surrender them or if my body will soon balance itself out ... my runes are being quite wishy washy and I don’t have my pendulum with me so my clairvoyance isn’t even helpful , idk what to do! I’ve been taking zrytec and flonase daily in addition to immune support tea blends, but I still feel so stuffy and uncomfortable when I’m around them too long. If anyone has any recipes, spells, or advice I’d be forever grateful. 

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  • I use a neti pot for my allerigies! Gotta keep those sinuses clear and hydrated 

  • Elderberry works AMAZING! That along with drinking a ton of water + deep breaths 

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